Louvic Transport has been goin' down the highway smilin' since 1999. We started small – just two guys and a truck. We took pride in our equipment and worked hard to earn business. The service has always been driven by the commitment to do whatever it takes to follow through and keep our word. It is a philosophy that gives us an edge and has enabled us to grow to over 55 employees with a large fleet of trucks. Our core group of employees have decades of experience in refrigerated transportation. We do cold and we do it well!

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In addition to our strong background in refrigerated goods, our team also brings other experience to the table ranging from customs brokering, to supply chain, to warehouse management. This diversity is one of our strengths and has enabled us to navigate a growing business with pride and customer-centric thinking.


President + Director of Operations

Randy has had a long career in trucking, dating back to 1989. In 1994 he was given the opportunity to contract as an owner/operator with a well known carrier where he made many connections and friends in the industry. He saw an opportunity in 1999 to put all he had learned to the test. Louvic transport was founded that year. Randy’s commitment to reinvesting in the business, his pride in the equipment and his employees, has enabled Louvic to maintain a loyal customer base while the business continues to evolve.


General Manager

Shane has a long history working with owner Randy Sieben. Early days were spent tag-teaming on deliveries, repairing and polishing equipment, and working hard to get ahead. This ultimately led to LOUVIC. Armed with a finance diploma from NAIT, Shane chose to start on the ground and has worked his way through all areas of the business. Shane’s breadth of experience has equipped him with the know-how to manage all areas of the business with people and relationships at the forefront. In his spare time he likes to climb mountains.


Ed’s boyish charm and good looks are only the start. He's our load broker and ensures customers are taken care of effectively and respectfully! He's key to our admin department. On his off hours, Ed is a hand model and part time farmpreneur.


Three Shipsketeers

The Three Shipsketeers! Jack has been with Louvic since 2000 and brings a tremendous amount of experience to the table. Lynsey is our head shipper and has the drive to get things done. Dale brings the third element to make this a very strong team. Together they man, or woman, the shipping department and a great crew of people. They keep the dock running efficiently – key to our success.


Chief Pencil Pusher + Accountant Superhero Izzy (not her real name for reasons we cannot divulge), has the best smile in the company. You can tell she's smiling, even over the phone. If she's not working overtime, collecting receivables, or proofing financials, she's taking evening courses. She's a student of everything with a number.


  1. We Do Cold Well

    This is our specialty. We started handling perishable goods and providing refrigerated transport services in 1999. We know cold and we do it well!

  2. State-of-the-Art Facility

    Our new digs are well thought out. Storage for fresh and freezer goods are spacious. Expanded loading bays are efficient and provide timely loading. And dispatch and management operations are designed to improve communications and workflow.

  3. Equipment

    This has and continues to be a source of pride for us. We have a well-stocked and diverse fleet to handle a variety of needs and our wash and maintenance facility are continually in full swing to ensure cleanliness and safety.

  4. Our People

    Let's be frank... a business is only as good as its people. We have a great team of individuals who work hard day in and day out to provide good service to our clients. We take pride in our genuine, honest approach. Bending over backwards is bad for the back but good for business and better for our customers.

  1. Experience

    With millions of miles of experience in the refrigerated transport industry we think we have a solid grip on it. We've navigated the bumps and we've improved our processes. Let us work with you to improve yours.

  2. Service

    We're a hands on company. Call us and you'll speak with a person. Have a unique need? We'll figure out a custom solution. We won't say ‘we can't'. We'll say “This is how we can!”.

  3. Stability

    We've run our business effectively over the years. This has allowed us to streamline our processes, reinvest in our facilities, upgrade equipment, and keep the business current. We’re always looking for ways to improve our service to you.


Louvic is committed to a safe work environment for all employees and the motoring public. We are continually working to improve safety standards through education and auditing performances. Drivers must successfully pass a comprehensive safety orientation that meets Louvic’s high standards and complies with industry regulations. We expect our equipment to not only meet but exceed health safety and compliance requirements and our full service mechanic shop allows us to adhere to a strict preventive maintenance program.