Louvic Transport is a transportation company with a focus on temperature sensitive food products. Product needs to get from the producer to market and this is what Louvic excels at. We have the systems in place to ensure that the cold food supply chain is properly maintained throughout the transportation process. Our ability to handle multiple temperature zones – up to six zones – per load gives us tremendous flexibility in meeting our customer's needs.

Louvic has recently built a brand new facility to take our operations and services to the next level. A large loading bay dock and storage facility is spacious, efficient and temperature controlled to optimum levels to ensure refrigerated goods are stored, loaded and transported properly.

The addition of freezer storage is also tightly controlled and maintained to offer premium frozen storage. Both the freezer and the warehouse work in tandem to maintain the proper food temperature levels.

The adjacent facility has a separate wash bay and mechanical shop for all our equipment which is in a constant clean and maintenance mode. We have solid procedures to ensure all equipment is maintained to the highest standards of safety, proper operating condition and shiny clean. And we are proud to show it off.


If you have a dedicated Full Load to ship, we can handle it any day or night with weekend pick­up and delivery available. Our team will book any needed appointments and communicate back to you the success of your delivery. We can swamp the load if required and can handle any potential returns there may be without issue. If you have a Full Load, then we have a Full Solution.

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We specialize in LTL shipments and can handle any volume shipment from one box and up. We offer dedicated overnight service from major centres on our lanes and temperature controlled storage if required (i.e. if your appointment is rescheduled or falls after a weekend). We are open weekends and most holidays. If you have smaller one-time, semi­regular, or scheduled palletized shipments, we can be your LTL logistics solution.

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Need a Hot­shot? Cross Dock? Product Sorting or Breakdown? Call to inquire. In most cases we can accommodate your needs.

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Our new terminal has a large, spacious warehouse that is precisely temperature controlled. Large racking systems allow for extra storage of non­ time-sensitive goods. An expanded loading bay area allow for quick on & off loading to maintain our temperature chain. Our fleet of equipment is varied to accommodate whatever your temperature controlled needs are and we can pick up or deliver wherever you need it to be done.


The addition of freezer storage to our warehouse significantly increases efficiencies. This allocated space is precisely controlled for freezer goods that require either short or longer term storage.


We have an extensive, well maintained fleet which includes: